Who We Are?

We are warriors and die hard community who are followers of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj who formed Hindavi Swaraj for freedom of community from biases, cruelty and oppressive rule.

MBF is movement established to transform community Individuals from slavery of jobs into independent Elite Business Class Community.

We in MBF have vision to create Entrepreneurs community which will enhance the growth of the community across the globe.

How it Works?

MBF is a platform created to bring together value based and ethical Maratha Business Personnel who wants to contribute to not only his/her own business growth but also want to see other young and aspiring individuals from community to enter into business field and help them grow, thereby bringing in paradigm shift in community from employee mindset to that of Employer.

Forum has main objective to be abode for the community wherein business person can walk hand in hand with fellow business person for growth of their business. Networking meetings are held monthly to give the business personnels opportunities to explore networking by exchanging business referrals, One to one etc. which will enhance their business under one platform. Chapters are formed at District levels in Maharashtra as well as in the other states of India.

Benefits of Joining

Benefits of Joining MBF

New business opportunity to your business

Latest knowledge of variety of scenario.

Government rules & subsidies

New contact to Grow your business collaboration

You will be part of service to our community welfare

How To Grow Your Business From MBF?

This forum has main objective to be the shelter for all the maratha business personnels who could walk hand in hand by helping the fellow maratha businessmen along with growing our own business. the meetings and events are held weekly or monthly so as to give the entrepreneurs and businessmen opportunities to explore networking and build relationships so as to grow their businesses.

Follow These Steps

step 1

Follow These Steps

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